The Importance of Health & Wellness

The Importance of Health & Wellness
Health and wellness – buzzwords that we hear regularly and we know they’re important but in the busyness of life, these things are very often under-emphasized.  We eat and drink the wrong things, we allow stress to compromise our emotional and physical well being, and the average adult readily admits they don’t get enough sleep.  We can’t take care of ourselves and our families and fully walk out our calling if we’re not well.  In order to be well and live a healthful life, we must have a strong awareness of ourselves and our level of wellness.  Self-awareness in the wellness realm requires that we understand, identify, and deal with our own level of wellness in an integrated framework.  A total wellness package means healthy spiritual, social, emotional, physical, vocational, and intellectual well-being as well as developing the traits of good self-management and relationship management.  So where’s the best place to start a journey to better health and wellness?  A foundational assessment can help us come to terms with where we are so we can map out a plan to get to where we want to be.  Some of the questions we can ask ourselves to begin the wellness-awareness process and assess our health status are:
  1. What is my current lifestyle?
  2. What do I do to stay healthy and well?
  3. Do I have any current health challenges?
  4. Do I take prescription or non-prescription medications?
  5. Do I have a healthcare professional I’m involved with and have they made any recommendations to me?
  6. How do I deal with stress?
  7. Am I content with the status of my current relationships?
  8. What gets in the way of my experiencing overall health and wellbeing?
Health and wellness are an integral component to a life well-lived.  We have only one body and we must steward it with care if we want to run a strong race and finish well.  Being willing to ask ourselves the tough questions and even find someone to help us process the data and hold us accountable to change can be transformational.