Being someone who has not done a great deal of planning in my past, I found the Halftime experience to really open my eyes to the benefits of taking time to think through and craft a plan.  Proverbs 14:22 says that those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.  Through the Halftime Roundtable and Bill’s coaching, I have learned some skills that are helping me achieve more long-term and lasting results.  Bill’s expertise in nutrition was a welcomed additional benefit in that my heath as influenced by my diet has noticeably improved.

Dave B.
Charlotte, NC

The mission I developed with your help and those on our team will stay with me for the rest of my life. “To glorify God by serving those who protect us … the US Military and our local police force”.  As I work to fulfill this pledge I am awed by how much more I am getting back than giving.  The essence of what I learned in Halftime can be summed up in the following quote by an unknown source that speaks to living a life with purpose: “It’s not what we gather but what we scatter that tells what kind of life we lived”.

Jack H.
Charlotte, NC

I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Bill and receive his coaching for a little over a year.  When I started working with Bill, my life was out of balance in the sense that all my goals and plans were focused on business and professional matters, but I lacked a clear vision for my relationships with family and loved ones.  Bill’s ability to listen, understand, and care, while at the same time challenge you hits the right balance to enable you to make a positive change in your life.  Since working with Bill, my life plan is now balanced and I’m forever indebted to him for changing the trajectory of my life in a positive way!

Darin D.
Charlotte, NC

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for how my entire life has been positively altered.  Owning a multi-million dollar company sounds great on the outside but inside it can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming, that is where I found myself nearly two years ago.  I have read more self-help and motivational books than I can count, but nothing was giving me answers.  My business was struggling, I had always “figured it out on my own” but I had hit a major road block in my life, I could feel life crashing in.  I had to humble myself and admit I needed help, which in retrospect was the most difficult part.  I knew the intense frustration was putting pressure on a marriage I had worked very hard to keep sacred and alive.  I couldn’t hide the frustration and my family suffered from the emotional and financial stress I was under.  It’s now 20 months later and I had no idea how much better life can be with a coach.  Your professional experience, integrity and non-judgmental attitude is assuring, uplifting and unmeasurably helpful.  I recall that first meeting, I was suffocating inside but by the end of that meeting I saw real hope. As we moved forward it was a matter of separating the “forest from the trees” and trusting your advice.   My business is currently up over 20%, record breaking in the industry. I now have more ideas than my company and staff can keep up with.  My family has the real me back, my wife’s smile is genuine and joyful….again!  I had no idea how much simpler life can be.  I expect work and life to be difficult at times but with my faith and having someone of your talent to help navigate the waters keeps a solid and secure perspective for not only my life but the lives around me.  Bill, Thank you again for your genuine care and trustworthy advice.

Keith I.
Rock Hill, SC

Bill has been an effective life coach by helping me explore my Second Half options and design a game plan for low cost probes so that I can move toward my calling for the next 20 years. He has helped me improve my management skills through technology so that I am freed up to focus on the things that really matter.  Bill asks great questions, has good insight and brings beneficial solutions for the roadblocks we all encounter on our life calling journey.

Hunter P.
Charlotte, NC

I had the opportunity to get Bill’s coaching for a year.  I have always been very goal oriented though my goals tended to be dominated by professional achievement. While I continue to have professional goals Bill has help me prioritize them to spiritual, family , and professional.


As a coach, Bill is a great listener and won’t respond until he fully understands the context of your question. Then he’ll provide thoughtful guidance personalized to your situation.


I would recommend Bill as a coach for a person that’s looking to have more holistic success in life.

Todd T.
Charlotte, NC