I’d Like To Journal But What The Heck Would I Write?

I’d Like To Journal But What The Heck Would I Write?

Keeping a daily journal can rank among the most useful habits a person can possess. But even for an avid writer, sometimes filling a new page every day sounds more like a chore than an opportunity. It’s good to have a list of general topics on hand for those times when inspiration runs dry. Here are a few prompts that anyone can easily write about on any day. They can work great on their own or as a warm-up for a more serious writing session.

1. Write down ten ideas. Imagining new ideas is like a workout for your brain. The best part of this topic is that those ten can be anything at all. You can write down a new business idea, a vacation plan, a home improvement project, or the premise of your next great novel. The ideas can be works of genius, or they can be fun and silly. How good they are doesn’t matter as long as you keep the steady stream coming.

2. Define a goal in your life. Just like an idea, a goal can be anything, big or small. For example, you can aim to “smile at ten people at work,” or you can try to “go scuba diving in the Florida Keys this year.” You could exercise more, save more money, or learn a new instrument. Putting your goals into writing helps you stay focused on the results you want.

3. Record a memorable event. Think of the time you first met your spouse, moved to a new city, received a promotion, or went to see your favorite band in concert for the first time. All of those are important moments in your life, so you owe it to yourself to record them in writing. Try adding some extra spice by describing why they are special and how they make you feel.

4. Log anything and everything. Logs are a great way to stay on track with your long term goals. Health experts will vouch for the proven benefits to keeping a fitness log or a diet log. You can also log the songs you learn to play, the restaurants you visit, or the books you read. As long as there is an aspect of your life in which you hope to make progress, then logging it will make sure that you stay moving forward.

These are only a few of the many possible uses for a daily journal. The list goes on and on. You can write down recipes, jot down your favorite song you listened on repeat that day, note something important from the Bible or a book you read, copy a memorable quote, or just record a childhood memory that recently came back to you. What makes a journal wonderful is that it gives you the freedom to express everything inside that makes you who you are. It doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you keep the practice regular. You will likely appreciate these pages the most when you reread the journal years from now so make it a point to go back and review your journal regularly. See what has happened in your life that you can celebrate and what you can learn from. The benefits of journaling are many and those who get started in a regular routine rarely say it’s not worth it.