Most people call me Bill or Bill J. and I was a commercial real estate investor / developer and information technology professional for 15 years before I realized I was being called to something more. After moving from New York to North Carolina, I began an intentional search for my “Life II” calling. Being considered an Advisor / Creator and Resource Aggregator, I’m passionate about using those skills to help people design and execute their personal health and wellness goals.  While overall natural health and wellness are a passion for me, in particular, I believe that optimal gut health and the gut microbiome (our “second brain”) are critical in supporting immunity and fostering the body’s ability to heal from the onslaught of “health offenders” that are thrown at us all each and every day; things like a modified food supply, environmental toxins, stress, poor sleep quality, and imbalanced bacteria. As a self-described “gut guy”, I specialize in helping people learn about a healthy gastrointestinal system, understand their own microbiome, and optimize their gut through natural means.  I prefer to talk more about you than about me but some people have asked what qualifies me to do that, so here’s the short story; I’m a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach, a Pastoral Medical Association licensee, a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Aromatherapist, a member of several different professional coaching associations and masterminds, and am continually researching and evaluating great tools and resources to help people make the changes they’re looking to make.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife and our 4 children. In addition to helping people through my coaching practice, I enjoy spending time with my wife, my kids, and my friends, helping my children grow to love God and love people, biohacking my own health for optimal wellness, solving crossword puzzles, and taking trips to the beach.